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Tuesday April 15, 2007: Tokyo Disneyland!

Monday April 14th was the last day of classes, and I can surely tell you that was the longest class day of my life (I had class from 11:30 a.m. until 10:10 p.m. on Mondays) So I was dying to get out of school and go do something fun, so I cam back home and went to bed straight away so I could get up early and go to Disneyland on Tuesday the 15th.

I like Disney Sea better, Disneyland seemed to be made by people who were on some kind of hallucinogenic drug. At more than one point it was incredibly creepy and very very disturbing. Like something out of a comedy/horror, not a children's theme park.

The gateway! April 15th was the exact day of the 25th Tokyo Disney Anniversary. It was a very crowded day, even still, we were able to avoid the lines by getting fast passes and enjoying ourselves. 

Cinderella's Castle by day. It wasn't as impressive as I was hoping. Nothing was inside, really, and it was a small thing. It should be more imposing.

The Star Tours ride, it's a Star Wars themed ride that looks like it escaped the 1970's. 

You can take a Star Tour to Bespin! (Not really)

C-3PO was speaking in Japanese, telling us how to be safe on our Star Tour.

I got to drive in Tokyo. Granted it was slow, and on a metal track and it was only one gear.

I think lawn tractors could've gone faster than these race cars.

Here we are, waiting for the Star Jet to take us to school, it's how you get around in Japan these days. (Not!) Left to Right: Jen, Lauren, Lisa.
Sometimes I just don't understand the English shirts I see.

Buzz Lightyear! This is from the ride where you get to shoot aliens! It was a lot of fun!

I eat ice cubes with tiny spoons in alien shirts.

Cinderella's castle was cooler by night.

I like this photo because it makes the Disney landmark look looming, imposing, and scary.

The Mickey Mouse Review was possibly the creepiest thing I've ever witnessed. Bad animatronics sang old Disney songs on a large stage set up for a large audience in Japanese. There were over 50 robots just going at their little song and dance routine. I wanted to seriously cry, or walk out.

I think Space Mountain was the best roller coaster there, which isn't saying much, but it was really cool. It spun around in a corkscrew several times in the dark with lights acting like stars spinning around. It was pretty cool.

Interior of the Space Mountain ride, this is what you get to look at while you wait.

Seriously, that is my spaceship, hands off.

I don't know what I'd do with a spaceship if I got one besides go somewhere that isn't on this planet.

It may not be much, but it is still pretty.

And Disney does like pretty. Now if only the fireworks weren't cancelled and we had some flavored popcorn (there were many flavors, including chocolate, honey, caramel, curry, soda, and salt) I had honey popcorn earlier, and at the other park (Disney Sea) they had salt, caramel, cappuccino, and strawberry popcorn. 

Here we are! Night all through, it was a lot of fun and worth the time and money. Left to Right: Me, Lauren, Jen, and Lisa.

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