Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daily, and random, Tokyo sights

Every day I see a good portion of the city, I've seen it through the screen of different weather, such as snow, rain, clouds, sun, wind, and even sakura season. I've gotten used to a good part of the city. I'm not quite a resident, but I'm not quite a tourist either. I'm a hybrid. I do touristy things, like take pictures, and go out just to see the sights, but I also do residential things, like purchase essentials, sleep in, and be bored. It's an interesting experience, for sure, to feel like a place that is different from everything I've known and have done as a "home."

This is the Mizuho bank building outside of Tamachi station. I pass it every day. Trust me, it's not always this pretty.

I cross this street every day on the way to school. I cross by bridge, but beneath you can cross on the crosswalks. Every time the little man turns green a very creepy song plays, it reminds me of something I saw in a horror movie once. There generally is very little traffic in Tokyo, it's mostly foot traffic or bike traffic. 

The view from the other side of the same bridge. I hardly ever explore this area, but when I did I found an interesting street with a lot of restaurants on it, the campus of Keio University, and lots of business buildings.

I see Tokyo Tower every day at the second big intersection I cross. Keio University is down this way, as is the tasty restaurant street.

Bento boxes for sale out on the street. I pass many tables like this as I go to school. I usually don't buy any (they're a bit too rich for my blood). If I don't eat a packed bento, I grab a cheap sandwich from 7/11, Lawsons, or AM/PM. 

This is the corner ramen shop I pass on the way to school that is always very busy. I've never eaten there because the line is too long. I took this picture at 9 a.m. or so, the lunch rush doesn't even start until 11 a.m. or 12 noon.

My favorite conbini (convenience store), 7/11. I like it because it's on the same block as TUJ.

Myself and Uncle Jerry in Ginza when he came to visit March 27.

I took this at the train station that I use to leave the dorms and to get to the dorms (Ontakesan[おんたけさん]). I like it.

Japanese words, and Japanese braille. It says, koko wa, gotanda something,something,something,something guchi desu. From what I can guess it means that this side of the tracks is bound for Gotanda station.

This is a Japanese crow. It's very weird looking. I think it's a cross between a toucan and a crow or raven. I just don't understand.

Tiny little watermelons for sale. They're wrapped up in foam protector cases, and they cost about $12 each.

Garbage here has to be separated into burnable, non burnable, PET bottles, and other. This is the schedule that they're picked up by in my neighborhood.

I took this picture outside the Museum of Emerging Sciences, I think it's the first field trip for middle school. The Japanese school year starts in mid April.

Tokyo is home to an odd version of the future. This building is in Odaiba, which is a district of Tokyo built on, according to Lauren's Fodor's guidebook, the world's largest landfill.

It's an interesting place. It was empty and inhuman like, there weren't any people there, and I wish that it was a little more populated, not crowded, I just wish I saw more than one or two people once we left the museum. It was like I was wandering London during the first few scenes of 28 Days Later.

A Panamanian ship. I took a picture because I represented Panama in the Harvard World MUN 2007.

Uncle Dan has these exact drink stirrers, I've seen them many times in his shop. I decided not to get them because I know that he's trying to get rid of a lot of his stuff.

So, I wandered into this mall in Odaiba, it was like an indoor version of a stereotypical conglomerated European street. I don't know how to describe it, other than it was a really expensive looking place.

They did have some nice stores and good soup. I think it was called Venus Fort or something like that.

Any Pokemon fans sitting in the wings? Venus Fort was in Palette Town. 

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