Sunday, April 6, 2008

Long time, no post: Saturday Feb. 23 Yokohama

I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog in so long. I have been relatively overwhelmed by some of the academic and personal challenges that study abroad presents, but to put it simply, I haven’t had the time or the inclination to manage my photos for my blog. I’m sorry to have disappointed you if you’ve been enjoying it, but I hope that you will like to look at it some more, because I will be trying to put a good sampling of all my photos up there now, and even as I return.

My ideal plan is to update daily until I can get caught up. I have only a few days remaining before my parents arrive April 23, and we embark on our journey across Japan. I know I’m asking a lot of myself since I will also be juggling much with finals and final papers, but this is something I must do.

But enough! Now on to the photos. This is from my February 23rd trip to Yokohama. My second trip to Yokohama. It was during the day this time, and we went sightseeing instead of to dinner. And afterward I went shopping with Yurie, one of my few Japanese friends, it was a great night even though I didn’t take many pictures of the evening. We ended up eating at Friday’s in Yokohama after a long day of shopping and browsing and girltalk. I’m so glad to have made a genuine connection with a Japanese person!

In the Yokohama train station we saw this food stand. I doubt their product actually tastes like pizza, however. 

That is a big and famous tower that we went to the top of, pictures from up high were incredible and overwhelming because of their detail.

Busy busy city. I distinctly remember that this was the day when I decided to start including people in my photographs. Previously I used to get so angry that people were getting in the way of my photography, but then I realized that there are always going to be people in Japan in my photographs, so I have started to try to include them as elements of interest. After all, they are a part of the scenery, and Japan wouldn't be as wonderful without them. 

I like this picture because it is from way high up, it has the shadow of the building I'm in, and it has good words in it.

The Yokohama ferris wheel and amusement park!

A nice blurry photo of the ceiling of the elevator we rode, which is the fastest in Japan.

I think this is the most expensive shopping mall I have ever been in. Those are curved escalators, they probably cost about $2 million (USD) each, or more.

After the tower and the mall we took a ferry ride around Yokohama bay. It is rare to see the Japanese flag flying on anything, but I guess boats must declare their nationality.

A New Orleans freighter visiting Japan.

A magazine that we saw on the ferry, I added the red arrow to point out why I took the picture... "Serection."

I liked the barnacles of the dock, they were quite old and established.

I think this America in a building, don't you? McDonald's and Denny's, together at last.... 

The big blue entrance gate to Yokohama's Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown of Japan. We left quickly because it was very windy, and sand was blowing in our faces and the weather was turning foul.

I suppose Japan likes the word Kent, though it might be a sign for me to remember my family, because if it weren't for their support and their hard work, then I wouldn't be here today. Thank you so much, you're in my thoughts. 

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