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Saturday April 12, Tokyo Disney Sea!

Well, I'm finally caught up with my blogging! It wasn't too terrible to blog like that, I just did it instead of doing homework. My long tradition of procrastination has served me well. Sunday the 13th I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with a few of my Temple University Japan campus friends. I don't remember the last time I went to Disney, but I think I have been. It was a great day of play. 

Tokyo Disney resort is celebrating it's 25th year anniversary this year. This is the monorail that connects the parks and the hotels to each other. It has Mickey-shaped windows!

Janet and Lauren looking at one of the many hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort through the Mickey-shaped window on the monorail.

I was expecting to see a lot more foreigners at Tokyo Disney, but it was mostly Japanese people. Check out the Mickey-shaped handles.

We're at Disney! Right to Left, Lauren, Lisa, Me, Jen, and on top: Janet. Jane came too, but she's taking the picture :(

The entrance to Disney Sea. That globe turns and the blue parts actually have water running over them. It's a fountain!

Japan is a part of the Disney globe!

We came right before the 15th, which is the start of the 25th anniversary spring carnival. This is Minnie made of ivy.

A lot of the park was really well done, but the Mediterranean harbor had buildings surrounding it with painted windows.
The best-done part of the park was the Mysterious Island, which was home of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth. It almost looked real, and it was incredibly cool.

This is one of my favorite books. I don't think I have ever seen the Disney version, but I do like the book.

At the Little Mermaid part of the park there was a ride, and at that ride there was a sign that told me that fish weren't allowed to smoke in the ride.

In the Indiana Jones part of the park there all the attendants were dressed like Indiana Jones! It really made me happy to see Japanese Indy. All the Disney attendants were dressed to match the area where they were working. And, they were friendly, waving and talking and helpful.

I really liked the sign, it looked like lava to me. The ride was pretty cool, it had really cool visuals and an interesting thrill.

We ran all over the park, one way then the other, and back again. That's why my pictures are all split up like this. This is the top of the Indy part of the park, which is themed like the new movie, which I cannot wait for! It comes out May 22 in the states, and I'm really looking forward to watching it. Going to Indiana Jones at Disney made me incredibly happy.

Jen and I are sacrificing Lauren to the gods. I intend to Photoshop this and add knives and blood. I'll probably get around to that right before my Friday final, or maybe my Wednesday final. Procrastination is a wonderful tool.

Outside the hotdog stand there was a little boy dressed as Stitch, he's really cute, and looks just like the adorable character. I don't know which Disney princess he's chasing.

This is for one of the two Indiana Jones rides, it's the roller coaster. It says "Loading Area Ahead. Unsecured belongings may become offerings to the raging spirits, so please place cameras, phones, and other loose items in your pockets or bags before boarding." Raging Spirits was the name of the ride. 

Disney Sea was a lot of fun, and the areas were really well done, and exceptionally realistic, and it was a great theme park, however its mastery of the roller coaster is limited. I really want to go to Cedar Point now because those roller coasters are the best I've ever ridden.

See what I mean? Really well themed, this is the inside of the second Indy ride, it was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is similar to the new movie's title. If I wasn't in line with a bunch of other people I would've believed I was in a movie.

P.S. people die on these rides ;) No, actually this is a skeleton that was at the base of the big statue. I love my flash, this was probably a good 20-30 feet away, and it caught it perfectly. I will never complain about how long it takes my flash to charge again. 

This is the Mediterranean harbor from outside.

McDuck's Department Store was a souvenir shop, and I guess he's a super-rich character, and it made sense for me to see a whole bunch of well dressed salaryman types in front of the store.

This pretend poster was in the American Waterfront part of the park, I took a picture because Molly Brown was one of my favorite stories as a kid, I even still have my picture book. The story was about a woman who took the Titanic and when it sunk she saved a bunch of people on a lifeboat and kept everyone going and hopeful. 

We caught the tail end of a Disney dance show where everyone was lip-syncing and dancing like crazy. They played some Madonna and other songs that only us six Americans knew the lyrics to.

We ate dinner in the boat that was pretend docked at the American Waterfront. This is my dinner, it cost a pretty penny, but at least it was delicious. I got it because I had never had lobster before.

The Tower of Terror! The story was very different from that in the American Tower of Terror. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but it was really cool and different. On the ride we had an older woman who joined us for the ride, she even had a walker, but she really wanted to ride, and she had such a good time.

Disney Sea just changed its look at night, and it was beautiful.

Isn't it intimidating? It wasn't that scary, but it was fun and thrilling.

It is a fun ride. I really enjoyed the whole thing.

There was an excellent carousel in the Arabian land part. It had genies on it!

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