Sunday, April 6, 2008

Catchup post 5: Shikoku Pilgrimage Part 1 of Day 2, Sunday March 17

After a lengthy cab ride to our hotel, we had a nice, albeit expensive, dinner, and a full night's rest to awake to a nice day just as sunny and beautiful as the day before. The plan was to walk to Temple 9, and then either go to Temple 8, which we skipped Saturday, or go to Temple 10, and then back to Tokushima to get dinner and our bus.

The view from my hotel room balcony. The hotel was called Central hotel Kamoshima in Kamoshima, near Kamoshima station. (Kamoshima station is the building with the big rusty roof)

All the girls were ready before the guys even came downstairs. Nothing wrong with a post-breakfast nap, now is there?

A ferris wheel....

A park!

A big gang of bikes rode by us while we were walking to Temple 9.

All the bikes were quite odd.

And now, I have learned that it is illegal in Japan to ride bikes in groups larger than two because of the bosozoku, the bike gangs, that used to be fairly violent and intimidating in Japan's recent past.

That looks like fun.

Not inches off the sidewalk was this trash heap of cars.

A lunch stop at a local supermarket. 

I was surprised by how much food is just left to rot, but how much cabbage can you really eat?

More religion and farmland fused together.

Mid-afternoon strollers.

The gong at Temple 9, the temple of the Dharma Wheel, or Horinji temple. It was pretty empty by the time we got there, but very relaxing.

See? Empty.

Beautiful gardens though.

A fellow walking pilgrim!

I liked most of the towns we went through, they were small and quiet. Often eerily quiet.

A tractor!

I think that dirt was the wall..

Mitsubishi was, and is, a big deal for Japan.

I think they do something with cars here. ;)

I was under the impression that guns were illegal all over Japan, not just on farmland.

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