Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catchup post 10: Hanami Post 3, TUJ Hanami, Saturday April 4

On Saturday April 4 Temple University Japan Campus had their hanami event. It was a small event, few people went, but it was a nice time. I got to hang out with the dorm managers and see a new part of Tokyo.

This is the small temple that is right near the JusCo grocery store that I get all my food at.

Even puppies (dogs) like the sakura season.

This street was pretty cool, it had trees growing on either side, and there was even an observation bridge you can stand on to see the pretty trees.

These blossoms are a beautiful pink, aren't they?

Baby tree! Possibly bonsai?

Ran into this temple by pure accident. Those aren't cherry blossoms, but they sure are pretty.

Very cool flowers, they look like fireworks.

Aki knew what they were called in Japanese, but I don't know what they're called in English.

We went to a park where there were hundreds of people sitting on tarps in the dirt under the dying trees. The peak time was Thursday the 27th of March, when I went to Ueno park, so the trees weren't as impressive, but still beautiful.

Even little kids like Sakura, I found.

Though the trees themselves weren't as beautiful, the petals were falling in the breeze and it had turned into a nice snow-like, environment.

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