Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catchup post 9: Hanami Post 2, Ontakesan, Ishkawadai, and Ikegami Sunday, March 30

Since sakura blossoms are only around for, at most, two weeks a year, I quickly took the opportunity to go out and about near my dorm and view some more flowers. I went with Lisa to Ikegami station, and Ishkawadai station and found some places to look at cherry blossoms.

This is the big, old, and pretty cherry tree that you can see from the dorms. The low white building on the right behind the cherry tree is where I live.

One of the streets of the neighborhood surrounding Ontakesan station.

Another street near where I live, with the sun and a pretty tree.

I took this picture of a Japanese maple tree and sakura blossoms at a park near Ishkawadai station. 

The park was small, and old, as was this cherry tree.

It's eating the bars.

I know these aren't cherry blossoms, but this is a fish tank outside of a restaurant at Ikegami station. It was dirty and crowded full of all kinds of fish. 

I see a redfish, a deadfish, and a shellfish.

Pucker up for that kiss, baby!

Sakura branches for sale outside a florist in the neighborhood around Ikegami station.

Pretty girls in kimonos enjoying the season.

Boys trying for the perfect photo.

They want to grow up and become heartbreakers, I'm sure.

Temple kitty! We saw this cat outside one of the gates near the temple at Ikegami station.

Everyone wants the perfect photo today.

There was a large buddhist temple complex at Ikegami station, and there were many beautiful trees there, many beautiful buildings, and lots of cool clouds. I don't know the name of the temple because we didn't have concrete directions to find it and we didn't know what we were looking for.

This is the main temple pagoda, seen through sakura.

A graveyard with sakura surrounding it.

This little kid is so cute.

I want his poncho.

Seriously, Japanese children are adorable.

A headstone, prayer sticks, and sakura in the graveyard.

The pagoda with blossoms at dusk.

I played with my flash when it got closer to dusk to see what would happen in the photo.

And again, at night.

This graveyard kitty didn't seem to mind the bright flash.

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