Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 1 of classes!

I haven't been doing much adventuring, so my picture taking has been kind of limited this week. Only going to class and back. I'm in four classes, Japanese 1, Japanese Politics Today,  Japan Today, and International Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights. My classes are pretty interesting, but they are classes, and I'd much rather just be on a 4-month vacation in Japan. Classes are crimping my style! 

But it is Japan, and I have gotten some picture taking in, so enjoy!

This is another area of Tokyo, near the Oota ward office. That's the prefecture I live in now, and I had to register as an alien there. The area is called Kamata, it's a kind of shady area with a lot of pachinko parlors, which are gambling parlors. I did some school supply shopping here, on Happy Road. 

Misspellings are common. This is a shop roof near campus in the Azabu district. 

Bikes are a common sight here in Tokyo. It is a major crime to steal a bike, like go to jail for months and months and pay a lot of fines. Foreigners can get deported even. That would be why none of the bikes are chained up. You even have to register them like a car. 

Smoking is not allowed on the street! This is a funny sign, but the contents don't really pertain to me, since I don't smoke.

This is the entrance of my dorm. It's pretty small and humble, not very impressive.

This is the place where I'm staying. It's not owned by the university, it's owned by Sakura House company, which is why it isn't called Ontakesan dorm like I was told. 

My room is awfully small. There is just enough room for a bed, 2 foldable tables, a chair, a tiny wardrobe, and a fridge. I have to stay neat because I just don't have the room to be messy!
The inside of my room. That's my study space. 

This is my pretty space, my old roommate, Lea, got me the fan from China, and I bought myself the little flower for 200 yen, and the little mouse ornament for 800 yen from Meiji shrine because it is the year of the mouse. Or the year of the rat, depending on how strict you adhere to the Chinese calendar.

The view from my window to the right. This residential area of Tokyo is so crowded with tiny little spaces, roads, and tiny little cars with tiny little parking spaces.

The other side of the view from my window. My window is very good thing about my room, it's plenty big and lets in a lot of light.

I got a bag in French in Japan. That amuses me to no end. 

Some of my favorite foods in Japan... pre-brewed coffee, hot tea from a vending machine, a giant cheetoh, pocky, some chocolate pastry puffs and yeast dumplings with pork inside. 

I bought myself a lunch box so I can make my own lunches and take them to school with me to save some money. I know it looks small, but it fits a lot of food!

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