Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1.23.08 Wednesday -Snow in Tokyo

Yesterday it snowed in Tokyo. I'm told that snow in Tokyo is a rare occurrence, and that it almost never happens. I've heard that when the snow sticks, it practically shuts down the city because the trains stop running, and practically everyone uses the trains to get around. I didn't get a snow day because it didn't stick.

Actually, if I was still in Ohio I wouldn't really call it snow, I'd call it sleet or textured rain or something like that because it was very very wet. Pretty miserable to walk all the way to class in. I was supposed to go to the international foods market to get some cheese, but I decided against going because of the snow/rain. Even though it wasn't beautiful white powder I took some pictures anyway.

This is the small park across the street from the dorms. You pretty much see all of it from this picture.

The trees outside our dorm.

This is the view from the emergency fire exit, you can see some snow on the roofs of buildings and the cars.

The little specks in this picture are the snowflakes/raindrops. 

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