Monday, January 14, 2008

Orientation Day 3 -FREE day Harajuku

My trip to Harajuku on our first free day was for sure the best one I've been on so far. It was just all fun. During the trip we just walked around, found things to do, did what we wanted and enjoyed each other's company and then made it back in time for the dorm meeting at 7.

While I was out I won a cell phone charm, it's a little cute puppy, and I bought a dumpling from a street vendor, it was amazing. It is:豚まん which reads "butaman." It was rather large, it was steamed and had a lot of yeasty dough surrounding the minced pork center.

When I got the butaman there were a ton of Japanese Elvis impersonators dancing around a jukebox. It was pretty cool. I wish my pictures had turned out, but it was too dark and they were moving too fast.

There was this child on the train on the way to Harajuku, and a puppy too. And it was an adorable thing.

I think Harajuku is the most crowded place I've been so far this trip.

Harajuku is popular on Sundays. It is so crowded and many people dress up, promote their bands, or otherwise draw attention to themselves.

One of the famous Harajuku girls getting ready for her day on the street. Harajuku girls are young women who dress up as tv show characters and spend the day around the Harajuku area.

Tons of stores have signs like this one. I've been asked several times to stop taking pictures.

Japanese people love their crepes, so much that there are several stores that sell crepes for 400+ yen (just under $4). You can get anything in them, I got one that had custard, banana, and chocolate chips.

Crepe store!

Hey, I'm a tourist!

Not only do people dress wild and crazy on Sunday, but many women dress up in traditional kimonos. 

At the KDDI design studio there was a free show put on by a j-rock band, DaBaDa Q, they were pretty good.

This is my friend, Harish; he, Brendon, Jack, and I played this game called Feelink. This 2-player game involves sitting in opposing chairs, putting your left index finger in a little pulse detector, and then tapping out the vibrations in your chair with your right hand. The vibrations in the chair are your partner's heartbeats! At the end of the game it calculates how accurate you were and then decides the level of connection between you and your partner. Harish and Brendon had a 30% connection, making them strangers, but Jack (a brand new acquaintance of mine) and I had a 71% connection, which, the game decided, meant that we're lovers. It was a fun game.

My first example of "Engrish!" In case you can't read the frosted glass, it says "Serect button."

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