Monday, January 14, 2008

Orientation Day 1 -Roppongi

Hey there! Sorry it's taking me so long to upload anything. My days have been pretty tight. The night I arrived all I did was unpack some, get food, and go to sleep. The next day, when we had our first day of orientation, was the first interesting day. During orientation we mostly talked about our requirements under the law, for classes, and for proper conduct. Pretty boring stuff. The most interesting things we talked about were earthquakes and how they can happen at any time, but that wasn't a fun interesting.

After the orientation we had a tour of our school neighborhood, and a nearby district, Roppongi Hills and Roppongi.

This is the main building of Temple University, it's called Azabu hall. It's about 50-60 minutes from where I commute.

I'm a Temple University, Japan Campus student!

I ordered my first dish from a restaurant from this menu. I didn't know what any of it meant. So I pointed at something, and I was brought food.
I actually got some pretty tasty ramen, so that worked for me!

So far I have just pointed, guessed, and hoped. It's turned out okay. I have correctly identified most foods. Though I'm still a little sketchy at seafood, because I'm just not familiar with it.

Roppongi Hills is one of the more upscale areas in Tokyo. Everything is very neat, clean, and looks like it costs a fortune. This area is home to such stores as Tiffany & Co., Lois Vuitton, and Versace.

A common decorating theme all around Tokyo, at least in my 4 days of experience, is decorative cabbages used as flowers.

This is a picture of the city from the edge of Roppongi Hills. If you follow the sign with the white arrow you'll head toward Roppongi, the foreign district.

Isn't this the coolest sculpture you've seen? I think it might be my favorite. It was outside a building in Roppongi Hills. There are actually eggs inside the spider's sack.

Notice a difference between the Ropongis? Roppongi overall is home to most of the embassies, a lot of entertainment catering toward foreigners and some pretty shady activities. 

Many bars in this area are linked with shady activities, such as slipping something in a foreigner's drink so they pass out and then proceeding to take all their money and use their credit cards for cash advances.

I don't know about this bar in specific, but it's dangerous to go out and party in this district.

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