Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday 2/9/08 LEGO sculpture!!!!

On Saturday 2/9/08 I went to a lego exhibit put on by Piece of Peace. It was a room full of lego sculptures made to resemble world heritage sites. It was on the floor of a department store in Shibuya. It was pretty awesome to see these kinds of lego sculptures.

Cool Chinese building.

Pretty detailed and amazing sculpture made of legos....

The Easter Island dudes. :-D

The Taj Mahal!
A building from Nara, the biggest wooden building in the world.

A building I didn't know about from Kathmandu Valley. 

A sculpture of the globe with people surrounding it.

The Statue of Liberty!

A pyramid of Giza and the sphinx!

Roskilde Cathedral!
Freaking sweet building in China!

Westminster Castle!

Mt. St. Michael and the island!

Buddhist monuments! I'll bet they're more amazing in person.

This is a whole shot of the Acropolis.

And a partial shot.

I think this is director Spielburg and a pirate captain!

This building was outside of the department store that had the lego exhibit. It has Japanese on the bottom, hebrew under the cross, and the cross. I'm so confused by this building..... 

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